Trackside Center

Community-based Sustainable Urban Living


Please check back soon for our official Energy & Sustainability Program. In the meantime, the following are our initial thoughts and goals.

The project is a dense, transit-oriented, bicycle and pedestrian friendly design that will encourage small carbon footprints simply by location and design. The project will meet or exceed 2013 Title 24 requirements with state of the art insulation, windows, recessed balconies and other innovative building practices, water conservation tools and smart-home apps.


The project’s design and features will be comparable to the USGBC’s LEED for Homes Multi-Family Mid-rise certification at the Gold Level or higher.

Thermal solar water heaters will provide residents with clean hot water. Solar photovoltaics will be fully utilized on roof surfaces.

Electric vehicle charging, a welcoming and safe bicycle lobby, proximity to Amtrak, YoloBus, Unitrans and ZipCar will promote alternative transportation choices.

Innovative water management systems are of particular importance. We hope to use greywater from residential showers, treated on-site, for all landscaping on-site. Rainwater will be treated on-site, recharging our aquifers and taking pressure of the municipal storm water system. Permeable pavers in the improved alley combined with a bioswale system along the train tracks will provide an aesthetically pleasing and replicable solution to a community-wide issue of concern.