Trackside Center

Community-based Sustainable Urban Living


Our site on 3rd Street between the Railroad and the Trackside Alley has a long history of uses that date back to the founding of Davisville: stabling, manufacturing, light industrial, hotel and for the past 40-50 years, commercial with retail, services and office. 3rd Street is the major east-west connector street from the Core Area of Davis to UC Davis. Our new building would serve as the eastern anchor to the long-envisioned “Main Street” mixed-use corridor.


Illustration (1915) jof the Schmeiser Manufacturing Company facilities bordering 3rd Street

A group of Davis residents purchased this under-utilized site in October 2014 with the goal of invigorating our downtown with a high-quality building that will be locally owned for many decades. Our collaborative, design-build process began with a thorough review of the many national, state and local laws, strategies, plans, and guidelines that inform smart growth best practices. As with any complex situation, some of these policies are in direct conflict with one another and in order to move forward, a set of overriding priorities must be determined.

In the case of the proposed new building at Trackside Center, it was clear to us that climate change and smart growth public policies were more important than older guidelines for aesthetic design. So, while recognizing the importance of neighborhood “fabric”, we focused our design around the more recent best practices focused on climate change adaptation, increased urban density, and sustainable communities with strong pedestrian, bicycle and transit oriented infill.

Our vision for Davis is a thriving, evolving, sustainable, resilient, diverse, sophisticated, equitable and prosperous community that is a worthy host city to world-class UC Davis.


Guiding Public Policy Documents

General Plan (2001) 

Core Area Specific Plan (1996) 

Davis Downtown and Traditional Residential Neighborhoods Design Guidelines (2001*)

*A 2007 update focused solely on the 3rd & B St / University neighborhood

UC Davis Long Range Development Plan (2003) 

Metropolitan Transportation Plan / Sustainable Communities Strategy for 2035 (2004) 

AB 32: California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006

SB 375: Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008 

Housing Element Update (2008 & 2013)

Senior Housing Strategy (2009)

Triple Bottom Line Tool (2009-2012)

Davis Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (2010)

LEED for Homes: Multifamily Mid-Rise (2010)

Downtown Parking Management Plan (2014)

Beyond Platinum Bicycle Action Plan (2014)

Guiding Principles for Trackside Center Redevelopment

With ongoing input from the company’s large group of investors, neighbors in Downtown Davis and Old East Davis, senior City Staff, Davis City Council members and other community leaders, we have created a set of Guiding Principles that we will continue to use through the application process, building and operation.

Create a Distinct Sense of Place for the Entire Community to Enjoy

Authentic Architecture that is Contextual to Downtown Davis and Old East Davis

Sustainably Designed and Built, yet Practical and Buildable

Adaptable and Flexible Design that Anticipates Future Technologies

Urban Sophistication, University Town Charm with Universal Accessibility

Embrace Historic Relationship to Railroad

Alignment with 2014-16 Davis City Council Goals

The Davis City Council adopted community-wide goals for 2014-16, subtitled “Working Together to Make Davis a Better Place to Live, Work, Visit and Play”. The Trackside Center redevelopment proposal is in alignment with these goals.

Ensure fiscal resilience More valuable tax base; net $ benefit to City
Drive innovation and economic vitality Creation of housing options to attract entrepreneurial creative class
Pursue environmental sustainability Low GHG & Carbon lifestyle, water conservation, build up not out
Build and promote a vibrant downtown Transit-oriented, dense, mixed-use infill
Promote community Universal Access; Support of community events: Picnic Day, Davis Music Fest, May is Bike Month, 2017 centennial
Fund, maintain, and improve infrastructure Improved sidewalks, alley; improved traffic circulation; on-site storm water treatment; utilities undergrounding
Ensure a safe and healthy community Promotes walkable/bikeable lifestyle; 24-hour presence of residents will deter crime in neighborhood